Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

How to Increase the Number of Web Visitors With Social Bookmarks

Having a w ebsite will not necessarily guarantee the success of our business. We
need to promote our website in order to be recognized by many people. Latest thing that we can
use to make our website is becoming popular social bookmarking. In social
bookmarking, which in the bookmarks is just a description of the web page only, not the content of the web page
as a whole. This is certainly going to make people curious and then
visit the web page. Because it is very important for us to make the description
interesting for our web page bookmarks.
The number of websites continues to increase every day of his, and competition in the online business also continues to
increases. The online business using various strategies to get traffic
as much as possible. The use of social bookmarking is one strategy that is fairly easy and
online business can be profitable if done well. The success of this strategy depends
on the use of meta-tags that should be made with the relevant keyw ords and then dibookmark.
Here are some things we need to consider the use of social bookmarking:
Bookmarking is an effective way to get the ranking. Social bookmarking website
work faster than the search engines like Google and Yahoo.
With social bookmarking we do not have to visit many web pages for
get the information we need.
Social bookmarking Web site is continuously monitored by search engines. Thus,
we can easily introduce a new website to search engines.
Avoid using the social bookmarking not provide the opportunity for us to
add a link.
In recent years, about 25 to 30 percent of outstanding traffic originating from the website
social bookmarking. So, take advantage of the large social bookmarking websites like Stumble Upon
and Digg will be able to make our website becomes popular.


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