Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

Download linux centos 5

Linux is open source program developed by Linux developers comunnity. CentOS itself stands for community enterprise operating system. Typical CentOS users are organizations and individuals that do not require special services ('strong commercial support) to run the system successfully.

CentOS is a 100% compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) because it is a twin of the distributions they will be, and 'full compliance' with Red Hat's redistribution requirements.
CentOS is targeted for anyone who needs stability 'enterprise-class operating system stability' without a license and subscription fees (service support) if they do not need certification as well as support from Red Hat.
Users and communities claimed CentOS active and growing rapidly, while the developer responded with a quick rebiuld, provides errata packages, and extensiv mirror network. Developers are responsive to multiple free support Avenues including IRC Chat, Mailing Lists, Forums, and FAQ.
CentOS, a Linux distribution compail contrived to re-source Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3: The ability of RedHat is full of excess and at add Free from making distributions of these distributions are distributions which are used untukDesktop reliable or Server.

download link you can see here


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